Let's Analyze This

Good morning MDers,

I do wonder, (and I guess most people also do), why leadership which we believe should ideally be service-oriented, has just become a move hijacked forcefully by those who vye for such positions.

I believe that one's personality ought to do the 'campaigning' based on the discernment and judgement of the electorate or the public who are the prospective service receivers.

I believe forcing oneself up the ladder of leadership without the 'blessing' of the people would amount to efforts in futility.


Patriotism is boundless!

Good morning MDers,

Just a reminder this morning that we ought to remain 'sincerely' patriotic in all our dealings.

Remember, the same way you show patriotism while casting your votes during elections, exercising your franchise as a true citizen, so shall you be patriotic in voicing out, in 👏 or condemnation when necessary.

That's the way to build a democracy. Don't just play to the gallery by 'joining the bandwagon' or 'becoming an 'absolute' praise singer' even when 😈 thrive.
Speak reasonably and respectfully, but without 😱 or favor.

Be an advocate of true democracy today! 

Consistency pays!

Yes. Consistency does pay. Doing that which you are so passionate about, AS LONG AS IT'S WORTH DOING, will surely give you the expected RoI (Return on Investment) in no distant time.

Keep doing it RIGHT, offering QUALITY and VALUABLE products or services, and you won't ever regret doing so. 

Responsibility begets Accountability

Hi MDers,

Just a piece of advice to us. I guess it'll hone  our thinking and probably be the link to realizing our destinies.

'Responsibility' is the word.

After much contemplation about life, I've come to the conclusion that whatever success we hope to achieve in life is rooted on how much sense of responsibility we wield.
Responsibility comes with accountability and hence would conclude that:

"The greatness of a man is tied to his (or her) accountability. Therefore, we should be responsible for our actions" - Nedum Uzoh

This fact is exemplified in my book:
The Vain Garden
( https://books2read.com/u/bMZNoa )


Review your plans!

Hi folks. It's yet another week, today being the first day according to our calendar.

What are your plans for this week?
For those who have already, have you done a review of your plans?
Do you know that review of plans makes you plan appropriately.

Any failure to plan (and rightly too), becomes a plan to fail.

We may not have it exactly our ways but we definitely will be close to doing so and if we don't relent, our chances are 'green'.

Are you a true leader?

Answer for yourself just I do myself.
   Are you a true leader?
   Am I  a true leader?

These are the tips for a sincere judgment:
1. Do I assess my life before others? 
2. Do I RULE my subjects or serve them? 
3. Democracy suggests that people have the right and freedom to express their pains and joys. Do I as a leader tolerate such expressional movements.
4. Do I live by example or am I a hypocrite who doesn't practise what he preaches?
5. Do I apply same yardstick for judging similar cases or is it the 'Animal Farm' style of rulership? 
6. Do I tweak laid down rules to my favour - to achieve selfish ends?
7. Am I more concerned about my subjects' interests more than mine?
8. Do I force my way to a position rather than sincerely respect the people's choices?
9. More and more questions abound in respect of leadership self-screening.

Just tell yourself the truth and you'll be sure of what you REALLY are. 


Awesomeness of Genuine Efforts!

A couple of years ago, I found myself in a really quagmire, a cash-strapped situation I put myself into. I just got enrolled for a course and because of my willingness to do the program at all costs, I gave all that I had while waiting endlessly for payments from my clients. At some point when my clients were not responding, I was tempted to begin having some self-guilt asking why I had to spend all that I had for a course that'd take months to complete. I wondered how I was going to survive as the adamant attitude of my clients made matters even worse.

Though physically I looked haggard and weak due to hunger as well as a bit confused, inwardly I was satisfied. If I had not made that  payment when I did, I may not have enrolled for the program eventually and would have been frivolous in my spending.
I knew I was taking a risk but at the same time, shrewd.
I knew I invested wisely and even though the seemingly 'foolish' act did not yield immediate results, it will be worth waiting for.

Today, I can declare that whatever progress I have so far achieved between that period and now is as a result of that singular 'drastic' step. Aside the acquired career-based skills, that rugged approach had thought me the lessons that have helped me view challenges irrespective of size, as momentary as every other thing in life and do not defy overcoming.

Never neglect making some really 'genuine' efforts.

Rise up and work!

It's a new day folks. We're grateful to the Almighty God for this grace. What's next? We shouldn't allow this 24-hour opportunity - which can never return once gone - to pass us bye.

My candid advice: Rise up and WORK!

There's always something for everyone to do to put food on the table. Identify that opportunity no matter how little it may seem.
Remember, a little drops of water makes a mighty ocean.
That so-called 'little' opportunity you feel is demeaning and therefore tend to overlook or belittle could be the platform you need to rise - your stepping stone to success.

Accept it and move forward!

Share to remind friends to Rise up and work! 


My Book - The Vain Garden

It's all about shaming ill-practices and promoting moral values.

The Vain Garden, a book by Nedum A. Uzoh is LIVE at 13 online bookstores across the globe.
The Vain Garden by Nedum A. Uzoh
Get some copies for yourself and acquaintances.

Reading changes the world for good!

Nothing good comes easy!

These days,  many people want to always have their ways in getting whatever they wish for at the very time and way they want it. There's no problem with such a dream but making it real raises the question. And if care is not taken, doing it 'forcefully' always ends badly.
Life isn't like that. Life isn't a bed of roses. In reality, failures test your patience and maturity. It tests your enterprising spirit. You may have several failures through rejections, failed appointments, non-cooperating partners, working with team members who have contrasting views to your dreams and so on. Being human, the urge to discontinue the pursuit of that dream could set in and if such thoughts are condoned, then REAL failure is imminent.

My take: Life has thought me so many lessons. One of them tells me that what we feel are failures aren't so but rather springboards to success and achieving our dreams. Nothing good comes easy! Lessons are learned through failed proposals, appointments, job searches, relationships, engagements, events... just name it. We typically expect our endeavors to turn out right but most times they don't. Don't relent. Calm down. Go back to the 'drawing board'. Analyze your previous approaches. Identify those things that weren't done properly. Note down lessons learned. Make adjustments based on the learned lessons and try again. As long as the enterprise is worthwhile,  keep trying until you succeed. That's the only way you can tell the story.
Remember, if you had succeeded in your first attempt, you would definitely have NO story to tell. 

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