Worries too, shall pass away!

Even in the face of tribulations, do not lose your head. 

As long as you aren't lazy but had...

Done all you had to do
Put in your best effort
Adopted every possible strategy
Sought relevant advice where necessary

... and being truly satisfied that you had done your best there is...

Be optimistic... hold your head high, and always remember that the very storm you face at the moment, shall soon, very very soon, calm and you shall celebrate.

Why worry? This, too, shall pass away!
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You were created for a purpose!

God, the creator is perfect in His plans. 

The Holy Book says that after God had completed His creation, He saw that all His creation was good (Gen. 1:31). Yes, everything including you and me. You are part of His plans, and so do I.

Each person was created for a purpose and it is a person's responsibility to achieve that purpose in life.

So promise yourself today that you will achieve your own purpose for being a creation of God irrespective of the situation.

Begin NOW to realize God's intention for creating you and make Him proud. Make it real!

Go for it! You can do it! It's in you!

Give yourself a reason why you SHOULD succeed and not otherwise.

Never allow the vicissitudes of life to 'steal' that purpose from you.

Remember, no short cuts! Doing so will lead to deviating from the pathways marked by God for you.

It may delay, but as long as you remain patient, your destiny cannot be stopped.

It can take only YOU, to stop it. So begin now!
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Stranded Nigerians: Thank you, the UAE government

Moral Digest wishes to thank the government of the United Arab Emirates for its humanitarian gestures of free flights made available for the evacuation of stranded Nigerians in the Gulf country back to Nigeria. 

UAE government gifts free flights to evacuate stranded Nigerians
Moral Digest has also observed with interest how the same government has continually aided many nations across geographical locations with medicals and other useful supplies in the bid to contain the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The applause the UAE leadership has received from all quarters shows how true leadership ought to be and as we join the rest of the good-minded people globally to commend your efforts, we pray that your resources never run dry. Please do not relent.

We wish and hope that your exemplary leadership which is evident in the faces of Emiratis, and your impeccable bilateral relations with other nations, which again was recently made visible in the treaty the UAE signed with Israel, will be emulated by other leaders especially in Africa so that they realize how important any unbias leadership could mean to the people and for economic growth and development.
  • This news about UAE's largesse to Nigerians was first published by Business News
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Abraham Accord: The only word remains "Peace"!

The announcement made by President Donald J.Trump on Thursday, August 13, 2020, about the imminent peace deal between the United Arab Emirates and Isreal being facilitated by the US, received a global commendation, as such moves engender positivism.

Give peace a chance

Being advocates of Moral values, Equity, and Justice, Moral Digest assessed the reaction of people from all walks of life and it became obvious how the world truly yearn for peace. 

Almost everyone talks about this 'new lease of life' that is about to embrace the world through this treaty.

The need for peace in the world cannot be overemphasized. Every heart, couple, family, community, region, country, and the continent needs peace and it is time we worked together to make the world a better place for all mankind.
  • This news about UAE/Israel treaty was first published by Foxnews
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Nigerian Youths: Misplaced priorities and wasted years

In life, many factors contribute to either the success or failure we experience at certain stages of our lives. The environments where we were bred is one of them as it determines the people we mingled with, the schools we attended, the social events or places we visited, and so on. 
Such an environment also tells to a great extent the kind of jobs or businesses that we may likely take up as our life career. More importantly, elders and leaders are the 'role models' children see while growing up as they accord them their respect and loyalty, hoping to grow someday to also practice what they learned from their respective 'seniors'.
This is what happens in many countries especially in Africa where the youths now follow the paths of corruption, ineptitude, nepotism, lack of vision and direction, misplaced priorities, etc, which they learned from their elders and leaders.
Sadly, my country Nigeria is one of them. With its abundance of human and material resources, the country is among those with the highest level of poverty in the world. A new set of leadership emerges after elections, with the President appointing Ministers and other heads of government agencies. Regrettably, these appointees do little or nothing to justify the confidence reposed in them as they come with the sole agenda of filling their pockets, not service to the people. Rather than solving problems of depreciating standard of education, poor economy, weakening currency, bad roads, and other dilapidating infrastructure, these 'square pegs in round holes' leaders who emerged by exploiting the existing extremely poor electoral system, end up plunging the nation into a very bad state with their actions and inactions which today has bred terrorism, herdsmen attack, kidnapping, rape, election rigging, and vote-buying, cultism, increased bribery and corruption, nepotism, corporate theft, treasury looting, dysfunctional judiciary, waste of resources, etc.

It is disheartening, however, to learn that the youths, the future hope of the nation, are towing the same paths that led to nowhere, like their elders. The youths abandon critical national issues for irrelevant activities. Their passive inclination clarifies their readiness to trade the existence of the nation for unnecessary, insignificant, and morally degrading activities like the recent BB Naija Reality TV program which has literally 'stolen the hearts' of the Nigerian youths, including adults. When well-meaning Nigerians protested against the bad governance going on in the country, millions of Nigerians of all ages felt indifferent, relaxing with their reality show.

On the same TV Show, parents comfortably watch the nudeness and every other nonsense that happens on it with their children, and they do not see anything wrong with it the same way a serving Minister did not see anything wrong in ceding the sovereignty of the nation to foreigners in the name of seeking for a loan - a loan the country does not need as it has all the resources at its disposal to comfortably internally generate ten times the loan amount sought.

With such an attitude, what future does the country hold for us?

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