Oscar Pistorius jail sentence: Steenkamp’s family okay with it.

Oscar Pistorius has been jailed for 5 years for culpable homicide. Tongues have been wagging that the punishment is way too light but those who are directly affected have different view about the judgement.

Karen Igho calls celebrities to order

Karen Igho, the ex-BBA winner on her twitter page constructively derided the action of some celebrities who are used to flamboyantly showing off their affluence on social media. She calls them to order reminding them that a role model should be modest.


Edo State Bomb Blast: How sincere can we be?

The news of the explosion that rocked a hospital belonging to the wife of an Edo State politician made the headlines over the weekend. After reading some reports about the incident, I fathomed that it's all about politics as usual. Yes, or what do you call a situation in which accusing fingers are being pointed without investigations. And the finger is not directed at a party member but an opponent. All these in the name of playing politics whether someone's image is being tarnished or human rights abused.

Wow! Nigerian Military & Boko Haram agree on a ceasefire.

It's no more news that a ceasefire agreement has been reached between the Nigerian military & Boko Haram. This development has brought enormous relief to lovers of peace. There is no doubts however, that there are some persons who do not welcome this idea, especially those who have been benefiting from the tension in the land. Now let's talk...

Nigeria National Honours Award: Stepping on President Jonathan's footprint

The national honours awards given to some deserving Nigerians by the president, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan may have come and gone but not without leaving behind some 'food for thought' to those who care. There were and are still mixed reactions from the larger populace especially with regards to the opinion of many that there were so many undeserving recipients of the highly rated award at the event.
Since MoralDigest blog is for the promotion of morals and good work, the focus in this discourse is the first-ever recognition at this level given to some ordinary citizens by a Nigerian president. Remarkably among them are the trio of the PATRIOTIC designer of the Nigeria National flag who is already 77 years old, a traffic warden who served DILIGENTLY in easing vehicular traffic within the capital city and then, a cab driver who HONESTLY returned a whooping sum of N 18,000,000 (Eighteen Million Nigeria Naira, about $ 13,000) forgotten in his cab by the owner, a foreigner.
This gesture by the president have been receiving nationwide commendation even though those who think the National Honour is a 'cabal affair' think otherwise. Full gist of this can be found here.

Lessons Learned
The message has already been passed to everyone. One striking thing among the trio is that each can only be described with at least one among all virtues as PATRIOTIC, DILIGENT and HONEST respectively. It is also worthy of note that they all share the virtue of PATIENCE as they wouldn't have achieved this feat if they had lacked PATIENCE.

A worrisome world and the way out

Dear MDers,

In a world full of surprises, some sweet, some nasty and some bitter-sweet, a changed world in which one cannot really be sure of what might be lurking around the corner, I have put up these ten (10) pieces of advice for us to digest and adopt.

Moral Digest adviser can be downloaded here and could be a perfect guide as you move on the street, walkway, while in the bus or even while having a hot coffee at the café in a cold winter night.

It does not cost you anything. It's entirely free but just share for others to be advised also.

Harassment - This MUST end!

I just read some articles concerning a boss who harassed his ex-staff only because she refused an alleged sexual advances made towards her by the ex-boss. The shameless boss did not even care that the lady is married hence, should be respected. See full story here.

People from different parts of the world have faced harassment in various forms: Rape, Kidnapping, Molestation, Forced Labour, Child Abuse etc. Some of these crimes have even led to long-suffering of the victim and eventual loss of life yet, the perpetrators of these atrocities most times go scot free. Those who were apprehended found their way to freedom through some unscrupulous elements that claim as security personnel.

Take for example the happenings in the North Eastern Nigerian state of Borno where over 200 school girls were abducted in a Chibok community about 6 months ago by the dare-devil Boko Haram insurgents. The truth of the matter is that the real truth about the state of those young school girls are unknown to the public except the members of the sect. No one really knows the exact figure of the girls remaining in their custody because it is possible that in a bid to escape, some of them may have died on the way without reaching their safe ground. What this means is that Boko Haram can only tell us what they wish to tell us. Have you ever tried to imagine what pains these young students and the other victims go through everyday? They must have been turned into sex objects by these faceless militants who care less of human rights and respect.

Who comes first?


Dear Moral Digesters (MDs), a friend of mine asked me to help him solve a puzzle that befell him. This is what he said and I quote:

"My elder brother visited me and we needed to go out in the car. Usually, my wife does not contend with anybody for her front passenger seat but then, my brother didn't think same way.