Hello MDers,

Compliments of the season pals. A friend asked me a question but I'd require your inputs to help respond appropriately.

He's out of job and for sometime now, the wife had become the breadwinner so to speak and this guy doesn't feel comfortable about it. From his response to few of my questions, he isn't just folding his arms but his efforts all along to regain his 'rightful' position by getting a new job have been mere struggles as he's been out of luck.

NOW, he asks if he should stop seeking financial support from the wife as he fears her continuing to finance the family needs might put her in a domineering position and may lead to chaos in marriage.

My initial response was for him to allow sleeping dogs lie and continue to 'enjoy' the wife's support until he recovers his lost job. After all, she's his helpmate.

Dear MDers, how do you see the situation and what's your take?

At this time, wise up!

Just want to say a few words especially at this time of what seems to be a rat race among the people - everyone running from pillar to post, trying everything possible to 'meet up' so as to outshine others or belong to a certain class.

At this time, inasmuch as it's appealing and laudable for one to remember his or roots and do regular visits, we need to understand that it ought not be done compulsorily. No one is on your neck to travel and even when you have made every legitimate effort to realize that dream but it fails.

At this time, hold on a while and remember that there are many other things to celebrate... And when the time comes, you'll be well disposed to take them up without stress. It's never a do or die affair neither are you competing with anyone.

At this time, people will make all manner of unfriendly utterances to deride you for 'not being so keen in going home' but remember, you know yourself better than they do. You also understand your situation better. If you succumb to their pressure, January is waiting around the corner and remember, it pounces on you with a hard bang.

So at this time, do yourself some good by not wearing yourself out in a bid to 'meet up'. Many had tried such detestable shortcuts to 'meeting up' but rather found themselves meeting with other criminals in the dark rooms while the most unfortunate ones met their lifeless bodies down there.

At this time dear MDers, we need to wise up and not become the scapegoat.

Please add your comments and air your opinions. Share the link to this article so that non-MDers could read and equally be guided.

At this time, wise up!

Beware! 'Lions' on the prowl!

They've been around though - but quite seldomly. Now, they're out in full force for 'business', against all odds.

Ritualists are on the prowl ... going after unsuspecting persons especially the female folks. And in a bid by the later to 'protect' themselves from the so-called Yahoo Boys, they have started to patronize native doctors (which I don't advise) according to reports. These marauders go for key vital organs from their victims' lifeless bodies.

As earlier mentioned, these have been happening but in a low-key but the sudden resurgence of these heinous activities especially as the *mber months and the elections drew closer, shows the extent people with probably dead consciences could go just to acquire power or riches without considering how awful and wicked their deeds are.

As I advise us to remain watchful and vigilant, I wish to state categorically that no amount of power or riches can equate human life. Whoever that is being fascinated by such ill affluence or influence ought to have a rethink as there's no life in it.

Why are we Africans avaricious?

I may have definitely stepped on toes with this title thereby inviting immeasurable criticisms and ridicules especially from those who feel they're more African than I. But I prefer to let it out - the Truth - and brace up for the imminent darts than keeping quiet as if nothing happened.

This is Yuletide. The time of the year when most Africans especially my fellow Nigerians have to spend through their noses, most times x3 of what was the usual cost of items pre-Yuletide. All in the name of season, every single item out there at the stall had automatically become a hotcake. Sellers even don't have shame anymore as they boldly declare that the season was the reason for the price hikes. Yet, some of these 'business people' had made enough savings from January to somewhere around September waiting for the annual discounted sales in Europe and other continents who in the real spirit of the season, a season of sharing, of brotherly and sisterly love, would give as low as 75% discount. They intend everyone to afford at least an item to mark the season. But our 'smart' brethren have other plans. What the heck is the welfare of others to them when a rare opportunity to amass more money has presented itself? And for other traders who are not privy to the discounted foreign sales, they plan to 'break even' and wouldn't tolerate any hindrances on their ways. So the items for sale had to be shouldered with that responsibility which eventually happens during the Yuletide.

I don't say people ought not make profits after sales. I am not against resourcefulness. But I am against profiteering. I am against avarice. I am against covetousness. I am against falling to frivolous lifestyles. There is a reason for the season and until we understand that reason - the reason which began with the coming of Christ as a child - we may continue to lose sight of the true message and by extension, miss the substance while having our eyes set on frivolities.

Prioritizing National Security over Rule of Law

When Rule of Law which is the hope of the common man is ignored in favour of National Security, who then is the national security going to protect? What does our sense of morality say about it? 

Please have your say...

Shady Sides of the Social Media - Beware!

All that glitters isn't gold. Fearsome news trickle in everyday about users of the Social Media who either victimize or are victimized. As for the victims, I still wonder how further they plan to wait  before they could learn and for the criminals, I wonder how long they will continue with such useless lifestyle without being apprehended. Then for the security personnel, I wonder how long it takes for justice to take its course.

There have been several cases of wolves in sheep's clothing causing a lot of havoc and untold hardship on unsuspecting victims. They create fake accounts on various social media platforms and lie in wait for the gullible ones. Once the 'prey' is in sight, the predator pounces on it without mercy. They scam, rob, rape and worst still, kill. How heartless!

Despite the good sides of the social media which in my view outweighs the flip side, users of online socialization resources ought to be wary of those they meet, chat or discuss with on the platform especially strangers. Remember, hidden behind that so-called smile or smiley could be a 'dark soul'. Report any form of suspicion to relevant authorities.

Children aren't free from the onslaughts of these con men (and women). All they (children) care about is a successful signup and they're good to go. Even the terms and conditions that would either be accepted or declined does not bother the child who made little or no effort in reading through the lines of the terms or getting an older person do so on their behalf. In order to avoid being stopped halfway thereby losing the opportunity to 'belong' by becoming a user of that app that's trending, he accepts the 'terms' without understanding the implications. Please, let's save ourselves, our children, relatives, friends, neighbours infact, every living individual.

The Social Media may have been bastardized by hooligans but its positive sides remain invaluable. You only need to be ATTENTIVE and SMART while using it. 

Unforgiveness - the bone of contention

RETALIATION is a revengeful approach which is totally condemnable. Where is the joy in ‘paying someone in his/her own coin’?
I won’t be surprised afterwards at the number of MDers that’d criticize me due to this ‘personal’ view. Yes, I call it ‘personal’ because as the saying goes, everyone including you is entitled to own opinion.

I’d actually welcome such criticisms because I thrive better on it. It challenges me but ironically puts me in a better shape and good spirit to commune with everyone. As I had already indicated in some of my previous posts, I like challenges because they make me – and I ask you to do same too!
So what’s wrong being RETALIATORY?
As a herald of Morality, the fact you have decided to ditch the ‘regulars’ for the ‘ideals’ demands that you don’t follow the bandwagon characterized by ‘tit-for-tat’ attitude. That is always the first impulse when wronged – RETALIATION.

RETALIATION is a disease that makes you flare up even in the slightest provocation. It makes you go wild, planning and doing the unthinkable – because you let your unchecked emotions take over YOU.

But hold on a sec and imagine this:
What if in a bid to pay your offender back, you commit the worse offense?
What about returning from your retaliatory ‘adventure’ (if at all you do) less the way you were?
What about other people your retaliatory actions may have directly or indirectly negatively affected?
And so on…

Dear MDer, you can never be a WEAKLING for not being retaliatory as your impulse dictates.
The Good News: You’ll afterwards be happy not to have yielded to such demands that’d indeed question your morality.
Amicable discussions irrespective of the time it takes bring absolute peace. 

Assume that state of 'momentary foolishness' that'd give way to peace.

Dear MDer, this platform is available for you to air that candid advice you wish to let out. There are millions who need your Moral advice NOW!

Effort pays!


What plans have you got for today? Do it insofar as it's worth it. No seeds, no harvest! You can do it as everything is achievable in life. Put the necessary effort and you'd smile on that payday.

Happy days!

Dear MDer, this platform is available for you to air that candid advice you wish to let out. There are millions who need your Moral advice NOW!

It's worth doing!

"Nothing good comes easy" is a common saying which most honest people can attest to. Every good thing has a 'price tag'. Just as getting yourself that pair of nice shoes demanded some debits in your bank account, likewise the price of acquiring good education requires depriving self of lots of pleasurable things, keeping late nights, doing lots of readings and a lot more. In the same manner, businesses irrespective of the niche requires full dedication and patience. One ought to be passionate about what he or she does and nurture same to maturity. Any genuine deal has its rigours. Thinking out of the box for possible ideas and genuine solutions is the way to go. Taking shortcuts has never paid the right dividends.
Therefore folks, please be wise and take heed.

Dear MDer, this platform is available for you to air that candid advice you wish to let out. There are millions who need your Moral advice NOW!

Go for that dream!

Hi folks,

It baffles me when we allow depression take control of us in the face of varied levels of challenges. I think it's high time we stopped seeing such challenges as showstoppers but rather stepping stones towards your destiny. I've come to realise over the years that the more challenges I confront head-on and overcome, the better person I am as I'd have learned new lessons in the process. Its actually the process of bringing out the best in me. See it that way too. That also means that there's no obstacle in life that is unsurmountable. The outcome would largely depend on the way YOU see it. That said, I advise you to brace up and achieve that which you want to achieve because you CAN DO IT.

Dear MDer, this platform is available for you to air that  candid advice you wish to let out. There are millions who need your Moral advice NOW!

Self Checks

Hi MDers,

Nice to be up again. How about our morals? Hope we still do allow ourselves be the true shinning stars we ought to be to others. Our lifestyle remains that which 'speaks' louder than the advice we 'say' and what the other person perceives quicker. In other words, our actions have the tendency of influencing others in just 'a go' either positively or negatively. Therefore, we should be careful about the things we say, do or even think at every given moment of our being as some eyes might be watching you without your knowledge. Remember, that action which you would rather take in the secret may not be worth doing at all.. Aside the earthly eyes, A BIGGER EYE IS WATCHING....