Go for that dream!

Hi folks,

It baffles me when we allow depression take control of us in the face of varied levels of challenges. I think it's high time we stopped seeing such challenges as showstoppers but rather stepping stones towards your destiny. I've come to realise over the years that the more challenges I confront head-on and overcome, the better person I am as I'd have learned new lessons in the process. Its actually the process of bringing out the best in me. See it that way too. That also means that there's no obstacle in life that is unsurmountable. The outcome would largely depend on the way YOU see it. That said, I advise you to brace up and achieve that which you want to achieve because you CAN DO IT.

Dear MDer, this platform is available for you to air that  candid advice you wish to let out. There are millions who need your Moral advice NOW!

Self Checks

Hi MDers,

Nice to be up again. How about our morals? Hope we still do allow ourselves be the true shinning stars we ought to be to others. Our lifestyle remains that which 'speaks' louder than the advice we 'say' and what the other person perceives quicker. In other words, our actions have the tendency of influencing others in just 'a go' either positively or negatively. Therefore, we should be careful about the things we say, do or even think at every given moment of our being as some eyes might be watching you without your knowledge. Remember, that action which you would rather take in the secret may not be worth doing at all.. Aside the earthly eyes, A BIGGER EYE IS WATCHING....