Unforgiveness - the bone of contention

RETALIATION is a revengeful approach which is totally condemnable. Where is the joy in ‘paying someone in his/her own coin’?
I won’t be surprised afterwards at the number of MDers that’d criticize me due to this ‘personal’ view. Yes, I call it ‘personal’ because as the saying goes, everyone including you is entitled to own opinion.

I’d actually welcome such criticisms because I thrive better on it. It challenges me but ironically puts me in a better shape and good spirit to commune with everyone. As I had already indicated in some of my previous posts, I like challenges because they make me – and I ask you to do same too!
So what’s wrong being RETALIATORY?
As a herald of Morality, the fact you have decided to ditch the ‘regulars’ for the ‘ideals’ demands that you don’t follow the bandwagon characterized by ‘tit-for-tat’ attitude. That is always the first impulse when wronged – RETALIATION.

RETALIATION is a disease that makes you flare up even in the slightest provocation. It makes you go wild, planning and doing the unthinkable – because you let your unchecked emotions take over YOU.

But hold on a sec and imagine this:
What if in a bid to pay your offender back, you commit the worse offense?
What about returning from your retaliatory ‘adventure’ (if at all you do) less the way you were?
What about other people your retaliatory actions may have directly or indirectly negatively affected?
And so on…

Dear MDer, you can never be a WEAKLING for not being retaliatory as your impulse dictates.
The Good News: You’ll afterwards be happy not to have yielded to such demands that’d indeed question your morality.
Amicable discussions irrespective of the time it takes bring absolute peace. 

Assume that state of 'momentary foolishness' that'd give way to peace.

Dear MDer, this platform is available for you to air that candid advice you wish to let out. There are millions who need your Moral advice NOW!