Prioritizing National Security over Rule of Law

When Rule of Law which is the hope of the common man is ignored in favour of National Security, who then is the national security going to protect? What does our sense of morality say about it? 

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Shady Sides of the Social Media - Beware!

All that glitters isn't gold. Fearsome news trickle in everyday about users of the Social Media who either victimize or are victimized. As for the victims, I still wonder how further they plan to wait  before they could learn and for the criminals, I wonder how long they will continue with such useless lifestyle without being apprehended. Then for the security personnel, I wonder how long it takes for justice to take its course.

There have been several cases of wolves in sheep's clothing causing a lot of havoc and untold hardship on unsuspecting victims. They create fake accounts on various social media platforms and lie in wait for the gullible ones. Once the 'prey' is in sight, the predator pounces on it without mercy. They scam, rob, rape and worst still, kill. How heartless!

Despite the good sides of the social media which in my view outweighs the flip side, users of online socialization resources ought to be wary of those they meet, chat or discuss with on the platform especially strangers. Remember, hidden behind that so-called smile or smiley could be a 'dark soul'. Report any form of suspicion to relevant authorities.

Children aren't free from the onslaughts of these con men (and women). All they (children) care about is a successful signup and they're good to go. Even the terms and conditions that would either be accepted or declined does not bother the child who made little or no effort in reading through the lines of the terms or getting an older person do so on their behalf. In order to avoid being stopped halfway thereby losing the opportunity to 'belong' by becoming a user of that app that's trending, he accepts the 'terms' without understanding the implications. Please, let's save ourselves, our children, relatives, friends, neighbours infact, every living individual.

The Social Media may have been bastardized by hooligans but its positive sides remain invaluable. You only need to be ATTENTIVE and SMART while using it.