Hello MDers,

Compliments of the season pals. A friend asked me a question but I'd require your inputs to help respond appropriately.

He's out of job and for sometime now, the wife had become the breadwinner so to speak and this guy doesn't feel comfortable about it. From his response to few of my questions, he isn't just folding his arms but his efforts all along to regain his 'rightful' position by getting a new job have been mere struggles as he's been out of luck.

NOW, he asks if he should stop seeking financial support from the wife as he fears her continuing to finance the family needs might put her in a domineering position and may lead to chaos in marriage.

My initial response was for him to allow sleeping dogs lie and continue to 'enjoy' the wife's support until he recovers his lost job. After all, she's his helpmate.

Dear MDers, how do you see the situation and what's your take?

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