Say "No" to drug abuse!

Dear MDers,

This is only a reminder to keep you or yours away from banned substances.

This illicit practice has turned out to be a thorn in the flesh for so many institutions and even nations to grapple with.
I get befuddled whenever I try to find out the reason why people indulge in such dastardly act but after some research, I've come to the conclusion that those who do so are nothing but cowardly. They intend to take up a challenge (in most cases with bad intentions) but failing to muster the courage to tread those dark and forbidden paths, they opt for 'enablers' - 'forcing' their flesh to get over the subtle warning by their consciences. A few others who do so while embarking on 'genuine' projects may have failed to think out of the box to get reasonable and lasting solutions.
Cowards are prone to chickening out easily and only depend on external stimulants. They tend to forget that no such solutions exist and even if it does is shortlived. We ought to brace up and tackle every challenge as they come. The earlier we admit the continual existence of challenges, the better for us as we explore dignifying ways of sorting them out. The truth is, anyone who feels a challenge has been put to rest through unacceptable means like resorting to illicit drugs and the likes would be disappointed to realize that aside the challenges getting even out of control, more health, psychological and other forms of troubles lurk around.

The POINT: Drug abuse is dangerous and ought to be avoided. Parents, teachers, guardians, siblings, relatives, governments at all levels and the general public MUST strive to rid our societies of such menace.

Please read and share to educate others.

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  1. Drug abuse is really increasing nowadays especially among the youths. It requires a collective effort irrespective of tribe or race to remove it from our societies else our posterity aren't safe.


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