Students! Say "No" to cultism

As students go back to school after the Yuletide, I guess it's the right time to discuss one of the societal ills that need to be urgently tackled and possibly eliminated - cultism.
Without much ado, cult practices are usually secretive, unconventional and extremely harsh, mostly regarded as false and unwholesome due to the bad influence they have on their followers and the society at large.
Unfortunately, this practice which was common mostly in the tertiary institutions back then has infiltrated the secondary and primary schools and among teenagers.

Dear parents, guardians, school and religious authorities, government at all levels and the general public, the future of our children and the society is bleak if nothing urgent is done to end this calamitous practice as soon as possible. Rather than pursuing shadows caring only about "irrelevant" things, let us revisit proper upbringing of our children and wards for a better and more decent posterity.
And for the scholars, please focus on the "right" studies which you are in school to acquire. Friends and schoolmates will present you with all manner of adventurous opportunities but please remember there is time for everything under the sun. This time at the moment is for acquiring appropriate studies. Always discern the offerings being made to you and keep your teachers and parents or guardians abreast with every seemingly "weird" happenings around you. Contact the security authorities if possible.

You can agree with me that our beautiful world deserves much more security than we currently have it.

And please share this piece via any available media to rid our society of vile.

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