Youths! Say "NO" to electoral malpractices - 2

Less than 72 hours to the Presidential and National Assembly elections in Nigeria.

Remember, as a concerned and patriotic citizen:

- Do not get involved in any form of electioneering violence
- Only do the needful by casting your vote and have your peace
- Do not be a puppet in the hands of desperate politicians

The countdown is still on - Naija 2019 Elections - Remember to stick by the rules:

- No electoral thuggery
- No vote buying or selling
- No wielding of harmful objects
- No form of violence
- Just cast your vote and be a concerned citizen

The time is here again when the youths are 'remembered' by politicians. Yes, remembered only every four years - used and abandoned on each occasion. But it still baffles me that these youths haven't learned any lessons so far.

In history, no democracy plagued with political thuggery and violence ever thrived and I expect our youths to ask themselves some crucial questions.

Are they really for democracy or against it?
Is this how they want to end up with their lives? Used and dumped during every electioneering season while their sponsors sit and live large - carting away selfishly and greedily every good thing meant for the entire constituency? 
Have the youths ever thought about those like them who in the past had either been maimed or lost their lives in such unwholesome and foolhardy practices?
Have they forgotten that life has no duplicate?

In this era when throwing caution to the winds seem to have become a commonplace - that people have sold their consciences to the devil and are prepared to swap their birthrights for a plate of porridge - one begins to wonder what has happened to our sense of morality and the golden rule.

It's high time we let the sponsors of such electoral malpractices especially thuggery and other related violence understand that they ought to be fair during elections while exhibiting spirit of gamesmanship. Positions in a democratic setting isn't a do or die affair but are uninterruptedly decided by the people.If we truly believe in the maxim that says that the voice of the people is the voice of God, then it behoves on all stakeholders who uphold democracy to allow the people to actually "speak out" unrestrained through their votes. It'll be false to claim victory was from God when in truth it wasn't.

Youths, let us say "NO" to any attempt by any politician irrespective of status to coax us into any undemocratic acts which have been the bane of our woes as a people for so many years now.
It's time to reject those alluring offers (which don't last anyway - they only rob you to pay you). They take so much from you and offer you next to nothing to risk your life and keep the nation in an indefinite horrible state. Turn them down! Let it be the sacrifice you make for a better democracy.

We must survive the scourge of bad politicking.

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