My Book - The Vain Garden

It's all about shaming ill-practices and promoting moral values.

The Vain Garden, a book by Nedum A. Uzoh is LIVE at 13 online bookstores across the globe.
The Vain Garden by Nedum A. Uzoh
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Nothing good comes easy!

These days,  many people want to always have their ways in getting whatever they wish for at the very time and way they want it. There's no problem with such a dream but making it real raises the question. And if care is not taken, doing it 'forcefully' always ends badly.
Life isn't like that. Life isn't a bed of roses. In reality, failures test your patience and maturity. It tests your enterprising spirit. You may have several failures through rejections, failed appointments, non-cooperating partners, working with team members who have contrasting views to your dreams and so on. Being human, the urge to discontinue the pursuit of that dream could set in and if such thoughts are condoned, then REAL failure is imminent.

My take: Life has thought me so many lessons. One of them tells me that what we feel are failures aren't so but rather springboards to success and achieving our dreams. Nothing good comes easy! Lessons are learned through failed proposals, appointments, job searches, relationships, engagements, events... just name it. We typically expect our endeavors to turn out right but most times they don't. Don't relent. Calm down. Go back to the 'drawing board'. Analyze your previous approaches. Identify those things that weren't done properly. Note down lessons learned. Make adjustments based on the learned lessons and try again. As long as the enterprise is worthwhile,  keep trying until you succeed. That's the only way you can tell the story.
Remember, if you had succeeded in your first attempt, you would definitely have NO story to tell.