Awesomeness of Genuine Efforts!

A couple of years ago, I found myself in a really quagmire, a cash-strapped situation I put myself into. I just got enrolled for a course and because of my willingness to do the program at all costs, I gave all that I had while waiting endlessly for payments from my clients. At some point when my clients were not responding, I was tempted to begin having some self-guilt asking why I had to spend all that I had for a course that'd take months to complete. I wondered how I was going to survive as the adamant attitude of my clients made matters even worse.

Though physically I looked haggard and weak due to hunger as well as a bit confused, inwardly I was satisfied. If I had not made that  payment when I did, I may not have enrolled for the program eventually and would have been frivolous in my spending.
I knew I was taking a risk but at the same time, shrewd.
I knew I invested wisely and even though the seemingly 'foolish' act did not yield immediate results, it will be worth waiting for.

Today, I can declare that whatever progress I have so far achieved between that period and now is as a result of that singular 'drastic' step. Aside the acquired career-based skills, that rugged approach had thought me the lessons that have helped me view challenges irrespective of size, as momentary as every other thing in life and do not defy overcoming.

Never neglect making some really 'genuine' efforts.

Rise up and work!

It's a new day folks. We're grateful to the Almighty God for this grace. What's next? We shouldn't allow this 24-hour opportunity - which can never return once gone - to pass us bye.

My candid advice: Rise up and WORK!

There's always something for everyone to do to put food on the table. Identify that opportunity no matter how little it may seem.
Remember, a little drops of water makes a mighty ocean.
That so-called 'little' opportunity you feel is demeaning and therefore tend to overlook or belittle could be the platform you need to rise - your stepping stone to success.

Accept it and move forward!

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