Are you a true leader?

Answer for yourself just I do myself.
   Are you a true leader?
   Am I  a true leader?

These are the tips for a sincere judgment:
1. Do I assess my life before others? 
2. Do I RULE my subjects or serve them? 
3. Democracy suggests that people have the right and freedom to express their pains and joys. Do I as a leader tolerate such expressional movements.
4. Do I live by example or am I a hypocrite who doesn't practise what he preaches?
5. Do I apply same yardstick for judging similar cases or is it the 'Animal Farm' style of rulership? 
6. Do I tweak laid down rules to my favour - to achieve selfish ends?
7. Am I more concerned about my subjects' interests more than mine?
8. Do I force my way to a position rather than sincerely respect the people's choices?
9. More and more questions abound in respect of leadership self-screening.

Just tell yourself the truth and you'll be sure of what you REALLY are. 

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