Let's Analyze This

Good morning MDers,

I do wonder, (and I guess most people also do), why leadership which we believe should ideally be service-oriented, has just become a move hijacked forcefully by those who vye for such positions.

I believe that one's personality ought to do the 'campaigning' based on the discernment and judgement of the electorate or the public who are the prospective service receivers.

I believe forcing oneself up the ladder of leadership without the 'blessing' of the people would amount to efforts in futility.


Patriotism is boundless!

Good morning MDers,

Just a reminder this morning that we ought to remain 'sincerely' patriotic in all our dealings.

Remember, the same way you show patriotism while casting your votes during elections, exercising your franchise as a true citizen, so shall you be patriotic in voicing out, in 👏 or condemnation when necessary.

That's the way to build a democracy. Don't just play to the gallery by 'joining the bandwagon' or 'becoming an 'absolute' praise singer' even when 😈 thrive.
Speak reasonably and respectfully, but without 😱 or favor.

Be an advocate of true democracy today! 

Consistency pays!

Yes. Consistency does pay. Doing that which you are so passionate about, AS LONG AS IT'S WORTH DOING, will surely give you the expected RoI (Return on Investment) in no distant time.

Keep doing it RIGHT, offering QUALITY and VALUABLE products or services, and you won't ever regret doing so.