COVID-19 Effect: Do you feel engulfed by the bleakness of the future?

Just like a young chick trying to make its way out of the egg-shell, little did it know that its newly found world is so bleak, filled with all manner of predators - all around it.

At the moment, humans are gradually but cautiously creeping out of their 3 to 4-month lockdown abodes, an experience that could not have been predicted the preceding weeks. Many people came to this world and left without experiencing such a gruesome period of time that has left many people in states of bereavement, loneliness, joblessness, and so on.

As every hope seems to be lost and the coming days look overwhelmingly unpredictable, Moral Digest opines that this is not the time to give in to worries, depression, anxiety, drunkenness, and all manner of addiction. If there is any time to be utterly positive, it is now.

Don't ever give in to depression, your life is worth much more than its causes

In reality, the strength and boldness needed to avoid succumbing to such 'defeat' would seem impossible, but a firm mind that peeks beyond the current situation, gaping at the green lights that exist, is indeed the antidote to the current quagmire.

When broken, take a deep breath, calm your nerves, and a brief moment of positive thinking might be what you need to launch yourself into that life-changing adventure. There is surely an opportunity waiting somewhere, for someone with the mindset to locate it.

Be that person! Go for it! You can do it!  

Weekly notes: Getting better everyday

Dear MDers,

As we work collaboratively in promoting moral values and well being amongst us, we believe in reminding ourselves of those 'very common' practices that are vital to our success in every ramification. These practices have over the years become so common that we may have begun to lose their cognizance in our personal lives.

The end of the previous week has ushered us into a new week. We believe taking stock of our past performances with sincere plans to take necessary actions in making amends is one of the sure ways to a sustained progression.

Conducting such self-appraisals, better done in part at the close of every day's activities before looking at the scorecard at the end of the week, would give us better clarity into our personal responses to life's challenges, make amends and move on, well guided with lessons learned.

Have a fulfilled week ahead.

Is this leadership or slavery in disguise?

Politics will always be politics, but when human rights seem to be jeopardized, Moral Digest steps in.

The world read with dismay the alleged inhuman treatment and arrests of nurses in Zimbabwe by the country's security outfit simply because the health workers protested over pay.

                                              One of the arrested nurses in Zimbabwe

This is the same country in which three opposition MDC-Alliance activists disappeared in May after being detained by police while on their way to an anti-government protest

It was later reported that the three women were found badly injured by the outskirts of Harare of which they alleged being abducted, sexually abused, and forced to drink their urine.

                 Opposition youth leader Cecilia Chimbiri was hospitalized after the abduction and torture

Rather than fishing out the abusers, the authorities got the women arrested, charging them of 'lying' about their abduction and torture.

Even though the UN through their human rights experts, released a statement that called on Zimbabwe to end such torture and abductions, the people expect more actions from the global orchestrator of peace if humanity will still repose confidence in it.

Zimbabwe is not the only African country with this inhuman treatment of the citizens by their leaders. Subscribing here gives access to the many unheard cases of bad leadership and injustice across the continent and the world at large. 

We hope the global peace body is not waiting for a holocaust before they take appropriate actions.

Please comment below and share so that justice may be served.

Always avoid being in debt

My piece of advice today is simple.
Try not to put yourself in debt. 
Stop frivolous lifestyles.
Cut your coat according to your clothing material.
You don't need to borrow money to fund that wedding - remember a wedding celebration isn't a business transaction in which you would expect returns on investment.
Don't be pushed by your spouse-to-be into reckless decisions
Check out for any red flags especially pre-marriage - there might still be time to reconsider that relationship rather than finding yourself entangled in it for a lifetime.
Don't impress people by living a life you cannot immediately afford
But impress your life by avoiding hypertension

What was I thinking?

It's no longer news about the arrest and arraignment of Raboni Abbas aka Hushpuppi hence this brief is all about lessons learned.

Without much ado, this somewhat interactive session is for us to evaluate ourselves now before it's too late. I can guess that Raboni would be asking himself, "What was I thinking?"

Is it possible that Abbas never knew that his escapades would fail him some day?

For me, I don't think so because any shady deal, not just financial, but generally speaking, will fail at some point. It may delay, but it will surely bring shame upon the perpetrator.

This is a lesson for everyone but the question is: How many will actually learn from it?

How do you deal with boredom?

At some point, life offers we humans unsavory moments we would wish never happened - the griefs of losing someone close to us, the aches from job losses, the broken heart from strained relationships, and so on. Meanwhile, constraining one from normal life, freedom of movement or socializing as has been the case in recent times, brought upon the entire world by the Covid-19 pandemic, is a different ball game. The nightmarish memories of various degrees of lock-downs, curfews and other restrictions, will linger on.

As a way of getting some reprieves during such moments, people get involved in all manner of things. Creativity - in all its forms - come to play. Some use it for good while others for uncanny adventures.

Handling boredom the right way is a skill every one ought to possess. Though there have been restrictions, a lot of people made the period quite eventful while maintain the rules put in place curb spread of the virus. The lock-down may have 'locked them down' at their locations but their minds and ambitions were not.
Boredom is only a word that exists in the mind if allowed It then means can also also be disallowed to exist - by getting busy positively, upgrading and doing what you love to do.

Those in the sporting industry like Critiano Ronaldo reportedly turned their backyards into mini football pitches where they practiced to keep fit and up-skill, some in other sectors did not dawdle either as they became positively creative, expecting to 'serve' the world with their latest innovations. A lot of others utilized  every second of their time to hone their professional skills and explore other fields they may not have had the time to venture into. Some parents for the first time in many years, were able to stay 'locked down' with their families and, what a good memory that might have been. For 'valid' couples, it might also be the time to expect the arrival of their  'Quarantine Babies' within the next 9 to 10 months.

But sadly, news about people getting involved in rapes, child abuse, robbery, cultism, drunkenness, fights, and all manner of hooliganism, has been in circulation. These are those who may have tried to get out of boredom but chose the wrong ways.

Getting creative, doing little 'positive' things will always add value to you and would ultimately extend to the public.

That word, 'boredom' exists only to those who fail to utilize the opportunity responsibly.

3 tips to help you control that impulse

We humans act on impulse which when unchecked, turn out to be detrimental to us or others. Such caprices which would 'normally' happen are meant to be controlled by us in an ideal situation. It happens though that such desires had in numerous times caught many napping that they had little or no time for proper evaluation before taking to actions which eventually boomeranged.

Being one who had experienced series of such impulses in the past as much as I do today, I have come to share a few tips on this platform which have proven reliable in taking control of such situations and I hope it does for you too.

  • Always think matters through: Decide now as you read this article that you have to take some time to ruminate over a subject especially a new idea, suggestion or topic that came to your mind or from someone. Some times, there are even instant red flags enough to help you pull out without further ado. For example, imagine when people try to pressure you to key into their ideas almost immediately. Even a would-wife will tell the suitor she needs some time to think about a marriage proposal. Mounting unnecessary pressure might bode something discomforting.
  • Slow and steady wins the race: Some words like, "business is a risk", "nothing venture, nothing gained", and many others are true but you still need to take your time to analyse what you are about to go into, business, relationship, career, whatever engagement, please beware. Think it through and if possible, get the service or opinion of a more enlightened person than you in that area, someone you can trust for insights.
  • What about that VOICE: In life, two distinct voices speak to us whenever we are about to engage in some activities. Normally, something like doing your routine tasks come naturally but sometimes, another voice may tell you not to do that or begins to suggest cutting corners or doing something illegal or not in line with the set standards of the organization or nature. What do you do? Most people always fall to the allures of the second voice which seem to glorify the outward being. Always obey the real VOICE beckoning you to do what is right. Always ignore that fake voice that wants you to do wrong.

5 Tips To Keep Us Out Of Trouble

Our daily journey towards meeting our needs usually does not come on a platter of gold. There are always twists and turns enough to test your patience and in fact, every moment, not just every day, tests our virtue. Most of the time, the gullibility of man pushes us into doing things that really question our morality. Such situations make us at that moment forget the moral upbringing we had growing up. Even when some are aware beforehand that whatever ill they are about to get involved is morally unacceptable, they ditch the moral principles for uncivil behaviours. Surely, such escapades always end in regrets. Nobody is free from these animalistic drives, in fact, human beings generally have the tendency to doing wrong things than being upright. So, to save us from the embarrassment that comes as a penalty for wrongdoing, let us consider these five tips below. They could be of immense help:

  1. Be conscious of the fact that what goes around, comes around. Whatever wrong (or right) you do today, be sure, no matter how long it takes, you'll be paid back in your own coin (bad or good). So let's take note.
  2. We all are under supervision every millisecond of our lives. 'Ability to work diligently without being supervised' isn't only a common claim among job seekers. Even employers themselves, the employed, children, youths, adults, etc., we are all guilty of some sorts behind 'closed doors'. And while we feel 'safe' behind such doors, the all-seeing eye sees us all. So let's take note.
  3. We have no justifiable reason to break the law. Yes, even the saying, 'ignorant of the law is no excuse' still holds true. It's always good to be knowledgeable of the laws - at all levels - of your host community. It's true one may not learn all such laws in a short period of time, but a sincere effort to learn such laws in order to keep to the rules of the land could prove to be one's safety net. So let's take note.
  4. Always identify yourself clearly. The need to move about with a valid Identifier cannot be over-emphasized. No one knows what lies out there and if you found yourself in a situation which requires identification, can you really prove who you claim to be? So let's take note. 
  5. We need the grace to move on. Remembering the above tips may not be easy but consistency does it. To be consistent, one needs the Grace of God. So as the day dawns, handing over our daily activities to the Creator will definitely set our day in the right tone. So let's take note.