3 tips to help you control that impulse

We humans act on impulse which when unchecked, turn out to be detrimental to us or others. Such caprices which would 'normally' happen are meant to be controlled by us in an ideal situation. It happens though that such desires had in numerous times caught many napping that they had little or no time for proper evaluation before taking to actions which eventually boomeranged.

Being one who had experienced series of such impulses in the past as much as I do today, I have come to share a few tips on this platform which have proven reliable in taking control of such situations and I hope it does for you too.

  • Always think matters through: Decide now as you read this article that you have to take some time to ruminate over a subject especially a new idea, suggestion or topic that came to your mind or from someone. Some times, there are even instant red flags enough to help you pull out without further ado. For example, imagine when people try to pressure you to key into their ideas almost immediately. Even a would-wife will tell the suitor she needs some time to think about a marriage proposal. Mounting unnecessary pressure might bode something discomforting.
  • Slow and steady wins the race: Some words like, "business is a risk", "nothing venture, nothing gained", and many others are true but you still need to take your time to analyse what you are about to go into, business, relationship, career, whatever engagement, please beware. Think it through and if possible, get the service or opinion of a more enlightened person than you in that area, someone you can trust for insights.
  • What about that VOICE: In life, two distinct voices speak to us whenever we are about to engage in some activities. Normally, something like doing your routine tasks come naturally but sometimes, another voice may tell you not to do that or begins to suggest cutting corners or doing something illegal or not in line with the set standards of the organization or nature. What do you do? Most people always fall to the allures of the second voice which seem to glorify the outward being. Always obey the real VOICE beckoning you to do what is right. Always ignore that fake voice that wants you to do wrong.

5 Tips To Keep Us Out Of Trouble

Our daily journey towards meeting our needs usually does not come on a platter of gold. There are always twists and turns enough to test your patience and in fact, every moment, not just every day, tests our virtue. Most of the time, the gullibility of man pushes us into doing things that really question our morality. Such situations make us at that moment forget the moral upbringing we had growing up. Even when some are aware beforehand that whatever ill they are about to get involved is morally unacceptable, they ditch the moral principles for uncivil behaviours. Surely, such escapades always end in regrets. Nobody is free from these animalistic drives, in fact, human beings generally have the tendency to doing wrong things than being upright. So, to save us from the embarrassment that comes as a penalty for wrongdoing, let us consider these five tips below. They could be of immense help:

  1. Be conscious of the fact that what goes around, comes around. Whatever wrong (or right) you do today, be sure, no matter how long it takes, you'll be paid back in your own coin (bad or good). So let's take note.
  2. We all are under supervision every millisecond of our lives. 'Ability to work diligently without being supervised' isn't only a common claim among job seekers. Even employers themselves, the employed, children, youths, adults, etc., we are all guilty of some sorts behind 'closed doors'. And while we feel 'safe' behind such doors, the all-seeing eye sees us all. So let's take note.
  3. We have no justifiable reason to break the law. Yes, even the saying, 'ignorant of the law is no excuse' still holds true. It's always good to be knowledgeable of the laws - at all levels - of your host community. It's true one may not learn all such laws in a short period of time, but a sincere effort to learn such laws in order to keep to the rules of the land could prove to be one's safety net. So let's take note.
  4. Always identify yourself clearly. The need to move about with a valid Identifier cannot be over-emphasized. No one knows what lies out there and if you found yourself in a situation which requires identification, can you really prove who you claim to be? So let's take note. 
  5. We need the grace to move on. Remembering the above tips may not be easy but consistency does it. To be consistent, one needs the Grace of God. So as the day dawns, handing over our daily activities to the Creator will definitely set our day in the right tone. So let's take note.