3 tips to help you control that impulse

We humans act on impulse which when unchecked, turn out to be detrimental to us or others. Such caprices which would 'normally' happen are meant to be controlled by us in an ideal situation. It happens though that such desires had in numerous times caught many napping that they had little or no time for proper evaluation before taking to actions which eventually boomeranged.

Being one who had experienced series of such impulses in the past as much as I do today, I have come to share a few tips on this platform which have proven reliable in taking control of such situations and I hope it does for you too.

  • Always think matters through: Decide now as you read this article that you have to take some time to ruminate over a subject especially a new idea, suggestion or topic that came to your mind or from someone. Some times, there are even instant red flags enough to help you pull out without further ado. For example, imagine when people try to pressure you to key into their ideas almost immediately. Even a would-wife will tell the suitor she needs some time to think about a marriage proposal. Mounting unnecessary pressure might bode something discomforting.
  • Slow and steady wins the race: Some words like, "business is a risk", "nothing venture, nothing gained", and many others are true but you still need to take your time to analyse what you are about to go into, business, relationship, career, whatever engagement, please beware. Think it through and if possible, get the service or opinion of a more enlightened person than you in that area, someone you can trust for insights.
  • What about that VOICE: In life, two distinct voices speak to us whenever we are about to engage in some activities. Normally, something like doing your routine tasks come naturally but sometimes, another voice may tell you not to do that or begins to suggest cutting corners or doing something illegal or not in line with the set standards of the organization or nature. What do you do? Most people always fall to the allures of the second voice which seem to glorify the outward being. Always obey the real VOICE beckoning you to do what is right. Always ignore that fake voice that wants you to do wrong.

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