Are you pro- or anti- eco-friendliness?

Being green, aka being environmentally friendly, is one of the values we must develop and adapt to supporting mother nature.

It is no more news about how human activities have contributed immensely to climate change.
Since it is our duty on Moral Digest to educate and remind us about these values as we go through the daily hassles of life, sometimes tending to forget the ideals, we have therefore put down a list of habits below, though not exhaustive, which we may find useful in the self-assessment of our attitude towards the environment.
Let us be friends to our environment

Do you find yourself exhibiting one or more of unfriendly behaviors, whether listed or not, which are harmful to the environment? If "Yes", then it is time to make a turn-around.

Top 20 things most people do because they find it to be more convenient than being green:

  1. Buy new batteries instead of rechargeable ones
  2. Use a plastic straw
  3. Pay for a 5p plastic bag instead of remembering your reusable shopping bags
  4. Put fresh fruit and veg in a plastic bag at the supermarket
  5. Leave lights turned on when you aren’t in the room
  6. Buy a plastic bottle of water instead of carrying one you can reuse
  7. Leave plug sockets switched on even when they aren’t in use
  8. Drive when you could have walked
  9. Throw out plastic food packaging instead of washing it out to recycle it
  10. Use a tumble dryer instead of hanging clothes on the line
  11. Put something recyclable into the bin instead of sorting it into the right recycling box
  12. Throw food away which could have been eaten or reused
  13. Boil a full kettle for one cup of tea
  14. Buy paint in plastic pots instead of metal, which can be recycled
  15. Use a new coffee cup with your takeaway coffee instead of taking a reusable one
  16. Still ask for paper bills when you could go paperless
  17. Leave a tap running for a long time/ when you aren’t using it
  18. Have the heating on while also having windows open
  19. Leave the shower turned on when you aren’t it
  20. Wash laundry on a hot wash when it didn’t need it

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