Deepfake: Is Technology causing more harm than good?

This question sounds 'technical' and might seem an abstraction from Moral Digest's line of discourse.

However, our focus is more on how morality and injustice are gradually losing grounds in societies through technological advancement, a situation that has become detrimental to many.
As the name implies, Deepfake is derived from Deep Learning which is one of the technologies behind Artificial Intelligence. Added to the word, 'fake', gives it the meaning of Deep Learning that is fake or better put, a fake Deep Learning, using Deep Learning to 'fake' things up.
We all know that the word 'fake' being associated with anything automatically makes that thing unworthy or inappropriate. The idea to fake something means there is an intention to deceive.

Blackmailers generally employ this wicked strategy to make illegitimate income.
Politicians employ Deepfake as a strategy to defame or discredit their opponents against the electorates. This makes politicians the chief promoters of this antihuman idea.
In Democracies, the electorates have lost the opportunity of good governance as they were made to believe in wrong assertions about their candidates of choice, presented to them by an opposition through Deepfake video clips.
Many 'once good' relationships have been battered due to Deepfake video clips, probably having the face and voice of the original person but entirely 'doctored' with artificial words or pronouncements.

These days, there are a lot of apps that can be utilized by anyone to 'cook up' fake news and stories and put out to the public domain. With the viral nature of social media, it is a matter of seconds before an innocent person is ridiculed or much worse, face court charges for something he or she knew nothing about.

Having considered the good sides of Deep Learning which are boundless, I see no reason why humans cannot focus on using technology solely for its positive impacts. We are concerned that this new trend, which is seen as a minor issue, may not take long before the world begins to scamper for solutions. Let us not begin what we cannot stop or control.

Deepfake if unchecked, has the potentials to cause unquantifiable damage in time to come. Deepfake is dangerous in all ramifications. We can achieve better things with Artificial Intelligence (AI) of which Deepfake is in no way among. The earlier the world implements policies that guide the use of AI in a more positive way, the better a world we shall have.

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