How do you deal with boredom?

At some point, life offers we humans unsavory moments we would wish never happened - the griefs of losing someone close to us, the aches from job losses, the broken heart from strained relationships, and so on. Meanwhile, constraining one from normal life, freedom of movement or socializing as has been the case in recent times, brought upon the entire world by the Covid-19 pandemic, is a different ball game. The nightmarish memories of various degrees of lock-downs, curfews and other restrictions, will linger on.

As a way of getting some reprieves during such moments, people get involved in all manner of things. Creativity - in all its forms - come to play. Some use it for good while others for uncanny adventures.

Handling boredom the right way is a skill every one ought to possess. Though there have been restrictions, a lot of people made the period quite eventful while maintain the rules put in place curb spread of the virus. The lock-down may have 'locked them down' at their locations but their minds and ambitions were not.
Boredom is only a word that exists in the mind if allowed It then means can also also be disallowed to exist - by getting busy positively, upgrading and doing what you love to do.

Those in the sporting industry like Critiano Ronaldo reportedly turned their backyards into mini football pitches where they practiced to keep fit and up-skill, some in other sectors did not dawdle either as they became positively creative, expecting to 'serve' the world with their latest innovations. A lot of others utilized  every second of their time to hone their professional skills and explore other fields they may not have had the time to venture into. Some parents for the first time in many years, were able to stay 'locked down' with their families and, what a good memory that might have been. For 'valid' couples, it might also be the time to expect the arrival of their  'Quarantine Babies' within the next 9 to 10 months.

But sadly, news about people getting involved in rapes, child abuse, robbery, cultism, drunkenness, fights, and all manner of hooliganism, has been in circulation. These are those who may have tried to get out of boredom but chose the wrong ways.

Getting creative, doing little 'positive' things will always add value to you and would ultimately extend to the public.

That word, 'boredom' exists only to those who fail to utilize the opportunity responsibly.

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