Late Gokada CEO - Why is there so much wickedness in the world? - Part 2

I feel s😟ber today. Yes really melancholic.

A couple of days ago the world was shocked as the news about the gruesome murder of 33 years old Fahim Saleh, the Founder of Gokada, went viral.

It is also no longer news that people from all walks of life have shown their human side by commiserating with the family and business partners pf the deceased on the loss of the young entrepreneur, whose body was dismembered in his apartment in Manhattan area, New York, USA.

To cut the long story short, Tyrese Haspil, the 21-year-old ex-Personal Assistant to Saleh has been apprehended by the US police as the alleged perpetrator of the evil. I hope we got that - an ex-PA is the main suspect in the killing of Fahim.
Even though the case is still under investigation, but evidence of Haspil's purchase of an electric saw which was used to dismember the body of his victim, Saleh has been confirmed. It was also reported that Haspil who handled cash for Saleh 'stole' a significant amount of money which Saleh, after finding out, decided to agree on a repayment plan with Haspil rather than involving a legal procedure.

But yet, such kind gesture did not appeal to Haspil?
How could one be so wicked to accomplish such a grisly murder on a former boss?
What excuse could Haspil possibly have for killing Salah?
Where is the world heading?

I weep for this world! Man's draconian behavior to man is way getting out of control.
Now, some of us reading this may be saying, "I cannot behave like this" or "This is the height of wickedness", among other perspectives that show disapproval of Tyrese Haspil's wicked conduct.

But self-defense is not enough. Disliking evil acts and being positive is the way to go.

First, Haspil came from home. How has been his upbringing? I'm sure Haspil did not develop the 'art' of murder overnight.
What about those 'little' grudges we do hoard in our hearts against a brother, sister, friend, acquaintance, and so on?
Our names do not have to be Haspil or Tyrese to show we are also capable of committing such atrocities.
We find it easy to judge others as we do Haspil at the moment, but fail to do the needful in declogging our hearts and minds of wicked thoughts and grudges that would never take us anywhere good.

Unless we let go of those seemingly 'tiny' acts of wickedness, unforgiveness, grudges, etc., sorry to say it but we are another version of Tyrese Haspil.

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