Making peace with all men

Today is neither January 1 nor September 21, days that the world traditionally celebrates as World Day of Peace and International Day of Peace respectively, the former being a call for peace by the Church while the latter, by the United Nations (General Assembly). A call for peace and its sustenance, however, is not only for those two days, but it is also an everyday activity.

Paul made the injunction (make peace with all men) to everyone irrespective of class, gender, religion, or race. That directive did not have any undertone of nepotism, racism, tribalism, etc. He meant peace for everybody.
The duty of maintaining peace and harmony across the globe is not left to the United Nations and its affiliates alone. It begins with every individual. Let us not forget that the United Nations can be able to do its work effectively if everybody tries in their little ways to maintain peace with one another.
Let peace reign!
The seeming deteriorating peace among nations and by extension, people of the world, has become a cause for concern, especially in recent days. The latest news about the US moves to shut down China consulate in Houston which has been reported by various media outlets across the globe as well as a similar impending strained relationship between China and the United Kingdom over Huawei's 5G leaves us with no option than to make this urgent call for peace.

Peace is invaluable. Yes, we may already be getting criticisms over this peace-call which many would think is unachievable but we say, 'nay', we cannot stop preaching peace because it is achievable. Having peace is as easy as having peace of mind. The mindset of each of us regarding this purpose is the determinant factor. We can achieve it if we truly want it. It is only our mental strength that can make each of us, be you a president, governor, or a commoner, see the need for peace.
Frivolities are distractions. They need to be taken out of the mind to allow peace some space to reign.
Historically, power tussles similar to what is going on at the moment had not ended well. There are lots of gory tales surrounding such experiences. There is a common saying that where two elephants fight, the grasses suffer. Who are the probable victims of all these national and international power tussles? Everyone!

Therefore, we must take this call for global peace to every nook and cranny of the world by first, beginning with us. Practicing what we preach is the most effective way to preach.

Let us hold out that Olive branch to someone today!

  • The US closure of Chinese Houston consulate was first reported by The Guardian
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