Why is there so much wickedness in the world?

Have you ever wondered why people backstab others to rise?
Have you wondered why it is difficult for offenders to admit their wrongdoings even when their offenses are glaring?
Have you also wondered why there is a high level of poverty in many countries including those that are in abundance of human and natural resources?

Over time, it has been observed that many people derive joy seeing their fellow human beings suffer for no just reason. Even if there was a seemingly just reason not to acquaint freely with others, getting back at them by leaving them trapped in difficulties when you are in a position to show some empathy, is not right. It is the case of man's inhumanity to man.

The Golden Rule

The pains and sufferings many people go through each day are most times as a result of skewed intentions and decisions taken by others, creating an atmosphere of suffering, directly or indirectly.
A person's mode of response to circumstances may become the undoing of another person.

Assuming that as everyone tries to keep to laid down organizational rules, a few others do not see keeping to such rules as their responsibility but rather flagrantly flout them without any regrets.
They fall foul of the rules not because they are ignorant of them but do it intentionally possibly to gain some selfish benefits. Just because of some personal gains, others suffer.

If we cannot identify the moral decadence occurring in us, in our character, attitude, and so on, then there would be little or no basis for a change. You can only change a problem that is already identified.

When defaulters reckon their misdemeanors, that is the starting point of their recovery process.

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