RE: Police use tear gas to disperse #RevolutionNow protesters in Lagos

For the sake of peace, moral values, equity, and justice, we at Moral Digest keep calling on the #UN, #AU, #ECOWAS, and all lovers of #Democracy to call the Nigerian Government to order. 

We wish to remind the Nigerian government and other governments especially in Africa that have been brutalizing peaceful protesters, that protest is an integral part, in fact, the bedrock of any successful democracy.
What these clueless governments are doing is indirectly pushing their nations back to military rule and its brutality and dictatorship.
Peaceful protesters being humiliated by government-inspired security operatives
There is no justification for allowing security operatives to brutalize, dehumanize, humiliate, arrest, and maltreat innocent citizens who are trying to raise their voices against bad and inefficient governance. 

Since those who are meant to speak for them at their respective Parliaments could not do so, then the people have the right to "speak out" through peaceful protest which is allowable in every true democracy.

Nigerian Police use tear gas on peaceful protesters
Moral Digest and of course, all well-meaning Nigerians at home and abroad condemn in its entirety the use of tear gas on peaceful protesters by the Nigerian Police. Various degrees of assaults and human rights abuses by the security operatives on the protesters especially in Lagos and Abuja have been reported.

In addition to the dispersion of the protesters with tear gas, some security personnel was reported having also shaved off the hair of one of the protesters with a knife and broken bottle in the Ikeja area of Lagos while another protester, identified as Damilare Ademola, also complained that he was flogged with an iron rod and chain in Abuja.

Enough is enough for this cruelty. The Nigerian government have more serious problems of insecurity, high-level corruption, nepotism, corporate robbery, unemployment, etc, and should be thankful to protesters for reminding it of its incompetence rather than brutalization.

Peaceful protesting is no problem with any serious democratic government.
  • The new about the brutality of security operatives on #RevolutionNow protesters was first reported by The NationTV360Nigeria and Punch
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