You were created for a purpose!

God, the creator is perfect in His plans. 

The Holy Book says that after God had completed His creation, He saw that all His creation was good (Gen. 1:31). Yes, everything including you and me. You are part of His plans, and so do I.

Each person was created for a purpose and it is a person's responsibility to achieve that purpose in life.

So promise yourself today that you will achieve your own purpose for being a creation of God irrespective of the situation.

Begin NOW to realize God's intention for creating you and make Him proud. Make it real!

Go for it! You can do it! It's in you!

Give yourself a reason why you SHOULD succeed and not otherwise.

Never allow the vicissitudes of life to 'steal' that purpose from you.

Remember, no short cuts! Doing so will lead to deviating from the pathways marked by God for you.

It may delay, but as long as you remain patient, your destiny cannot be stopped.

It can take only YOU, to stop it. So begin now!
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