The Ills of Misinformation

People of many nationalities would do anything humanly possible to have peace. Wars and rumors of wars have become deafening and any form of fresh air of peace will be appreciated, even by the hardhearted.
Disseminate only the right information
Achieving peace looks so distant that many have not yet realized that the peace we seek is already in our hands to actualize.

The emergence of social media and the ubiquitous nature of both the internet and digital devices in recent years has brought about a different dimension, albeit in negativity, of information sourcing and dissemination. Anything posted on social media immediately becomes viral and accessible by as many people as possible, without any consideration to their state of sanity and maturity. Different posts are met with different shades and levels of analysis, nterpretation and reactions. Depending on the reaction that got the most support, peace could be impeded.

These days, there have been miriads of jungle justice meted out on, most times innocent people who met their end to life in the hands of misinformed mobs. These group of angered people took laws into their own hands without verifying the authenticity of the 'rumors' which were the driving force behind their actions. In many cases, such brutality had ended in avoidable regrets, with lives lost, never to be recovered, and personal images and dreams  tarnished and thwarted, never to be redeemed.

In other places, people have been brainwashed to believe wrong ideologies that have turned out to be inhuman and detrimental to the societies. It has been revealed that most of the crisis rocking many nations and societies today are the products of many years of adulterated teaching and coaching, in the name of religion, tradition or just blinded loyalty. 

We at Moral Digest support the fact that  freedom of speech cannot be traded off or subdued for any reason in a democratic setting, educating the masses appropriately (and unbiased) by the authorities will go a long way to curb misinformation generated by conspiracy theorists being used by  inhuman, self-centered individuals most especially religious and traditional leaders, politicians, celebrities and in some cases, elites. These are people who have some clout of devotees who are loyal to them to the extent of believing every words proceeding from their mouths without any questioning. These so-called die-hard followers are ready to stake their lives for their superiors at any cost.

Tradition, religious beliefs and technology advancement are good but their adoption need to be subjected to proper control and regulations. Neglecting this obvious need renders them more harmful over their usefulness. 

Remember, not every information is wrong but the way even the right information is handled could pose a great threat and danger to life and property.

Information is power but not when it is misguided. 

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