A hypocritical democracy

Yes. That's the type of democracy being practised in my country Nigeria. 

It's the kind of democracy in which those who praise-sing for and applaud the lack of focus of the incumbent, go ahead to make daring and life-threatening comments against fellow citizens, but remain untouchable while callingfor the heads of those who mean well for the nation by offering necessary advisory to move the country forward. 

Enough is Enough! 

Nigeria has become today's "Animal Farm" in which everyone is equal on paper but in reality, some Nigerians have more liberty to express themselves than others.
The observation and analysis of the state of the nation made public by Bishop Kukah, in which he also highlighted the injury nepotism has done to the country, ought to be welcomed and get the identified issues addressed, rather than calling for his arrest. Even the blind and deaf in the country know how badly the nation is being governed, it is not a hearsay. 

I join Bishop Kukah and the rest of well meaning democrats in Nigeria to remind Mr President that he is meant to serve the people and not Lord over us.  All those who see Bishop Kukah's frank admonition as treason are the actual treasonists for failing to call the President to order when he defaults.

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